shine on u crazy diamond

remember when u were young,
u shone like the sun.

now there's a look in your eyes,
like black holes in the sky.


day 1

i have become comfortably numb.



food foundry's deepavali feast

welcome to Food Foundry @ pj, somewhere near pj live arts.
it was my companion's noble intention to transform us into some kind of hipsters or something.

hmm yeah, why not?

really nice place, good affordable food. the juice was sedap.

nama: chicken chop bila dah sembelih baru boleh makan.

nama: pasta with salmon slices and hanya dua takpatutbetul asparagus.

nama: ikan goreng potion terlalu kecik untuk perut dengan sayur.

by the way, there were only two of us. ha ha.



"haram betul lah kau ni!"

o kay.